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      My name is Adriana and I grew up in Mexico City. I come from a family of silver artisans in Taxco that I would visit often growing up. In Taxco, life revolves around silver, and has for hundreds of years. When I would visit, I was a willing and eager assistant in the shop. I learned from them how to create my own designs, which I have been practicing now for many years.
      When I immigrated to the United States, I saw that there was not the same level of quality in the silver jewelry available here, so I decided to bring the wonderful silver creations from Taxco to the United States to share with the people. Now, I live here and my goal is to build my own workshop here. But until then, I travel back to Taxco frequently to take my designs to the family workshop and create my dreams.

      Please contact us with any questions or comments at:


      Instagram: @AdriDreamsJewelry

      Adriana Brown